Samba Brazillero Beat

Introduction to special groove Samba Brazillero

Dear drummer welcome to special groove Samba Brazillero introduction lesson Please read carefully the drumset notation bellow Try to get familiar with samba beat by doing the exercise A. at 60 beats per minute and gradually increase the speed. Warm up by playing as slow as you can 16th notes RLRL for 1 minute The exercises A, B & C are demontrated in the video bellow. If you like you can check first the video on the bottom and then try the exercises. Do what ever make you feel comfortable. Exercise A. Instructions : • Play it as slow as you can for 3 minutes, then gradually go to 80 beats per minute and keep it steady there for 5 minutes. On snare drum play hand to hand RLRL, • Try not to accent any notes and keep your drumsticks at the center of the snare drum Exrcise B: Instructions…